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    All staffs of Gyeonggido Office of Education promise to practice the followings to provide consumer-oriented educational administration service and realize a [responsible education system that does not give up on a single student].
    1. We promise to practice customer satisfying administration so that any customer can receive quality educational administration service.
    2. We will process all civil complaints fast and fair from the civilian’s perspective with a smile and gentle words.
    3. We will correct and pay appropriate compensation if we caused discomfort or dissatisfaction to our customers in the process of providing educational administration service.
    4. We will receive customer feedbacks on our effort to practice educational administration service and will make improvements.
    5. Regarding handling of the civil complaints, we will not receive or request for money or valuables, and we will not be involved in improper rights intervention or requests.
    To practice the above promises, we will set a detailed 『educational administration service performance standard』 and abide by it sincerely.
    The concept of the charter of administrative service
    • ‘student-oriented education’ refers to education that puts student in the center of start and purpose of the education to allow the students to find the value and meaning of their lives themselves.
    • field-oriented education’ refers to educational administration that puts the educational field in the center of start and purpose of education and supports each school’s autonomous management to make a fair learning society where students can make special hope through happy learning.
    • Gyeonggi province promotes the 5 policies to realize a 『responsible education system that does not give up on a single student』.
    aaaaaal List
    Happy school a school that allows the students to acquire the core competencies and self-discover the meaning and value of their lives
    School Democracy All school members participate in deep discussion about current issues to actualize way of practices through self-government and autonomy as a co-owner of the school and grow and take responsibility about the result together
    Safe School A school that allows all students to learn in a pleasant and healthy environment and to build the power to solve the problems of life by themselves.
    Innovative education proliferation a mature innovative education where everyone participates in innovative education and activates local education community that cooperates with local community to guide a direction of our future education beyond innovative schools.
    Educational administration innovation a high quality educational administration that allows the schools to establish self-management system and provides field-centered supportive administration to allow the teachers to teach the students with passion and pride.