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    Superintendent of Education

    Public Relations
    1st Deputy Superintendent

    Audit and Inspection Division

    General Affairs Division

    Personnel Affairs Division

    Office of Planning and Coordination

    • Policy Planning Bureau
    • Future Education Division
    • Administrative Management Division
    • School Improvement Division
    • School SpaceDevelopment Division

    Education Administration Bureau

    • School Establishment Division
    • FinanceManagement Division
    • Private School Support Division
    • School Safety Division
    • Facilities Management Division

    External Cooperation Bureau

    • General External Cooperation Division
    • Labor-Management Cooperation Division
    • Food-service and Health-care Division
    • Local Educational Cooperation Division
    2nd Deputy Superintendent

    Education Policy Burea

    • Educational Curriculum Division
    • Teacher Policy Division
    • Early Childhood Education Division
    • Early Childhood Education Division
    • Special Education Division
    • Career and Vocational Education Division

    Convergence Education Bureau

    • Convergence Education Division
    • Student Life and Character Education Division
    • Physical Education and Health Division
    • Lifelong Education Division
    • Education We lf are Division