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    Gyeonggi Education pursues Student-Centered, School-Centered education.
    To achieve this, Gyeonggido Office of Education will
    • never give up on a single child.
    • create schools where students’ well-being is ensured through HYUKSHIN(“Innovation”) Education.
    • collaborate with local community for students’ learning.
    • develop an understanding on how to live within their community.
    • enrich teachers and staff’s workplace environment.
    • encourage parental participation in their child’s education and alleviate the cost of education.
    • create fair opportunities and a safe environment for students.
    • innovate administration system to fulfill schools and students’ needs.
    Policies of Gyeonggi Education
    Policy 1 Learners’ Well-being
    We proceed to make schools an enjoyable learning environment where every student can discover and acquire the value and meaning of their lives by themselves.
    Policy 2 School Autonomy
    We support school autonomy so that every school community member makes a decision and takes joint responsibility through participation and communication.
    Policy 3 Safe Schools
    We make a healthy and safe educational environment where all students commit themselves to learning.
    Policy 4 Innovation in School Administration
    We innovate school administration systems to support school autonomy.