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    Center of Future Education,
    New Gyeonggi Education
    New Gyeonggi Education advocates for Autonomy・Balance・Future so that all students can build their character and competencies to achieve their dreams.
    미래교육의 중심 새로운 경기교육 자율 균형 미래
    Autonomy is the driving force of Gyeonggi Education that ensures diversity and creativity.
    Based on a foundation of trust, communication, and cooperation, Gyeonggi Education empowers the school community to make its own decisions and implement its own plans.
    Balance is the key to Gyeonggi Education to come to the essence of education.
    Recognizing and respecting that we are all different, Gyeonggi Education supports the harmonious growth of the school community.
    The future is the new path opened by Gyeonggi Education.
    Gyeonggi Education moves towards the future so that every student can blossom and create their own future.
    Key Policies
    Gyeonggi Education opens up the future
    Creating a new vision for future education
    Gyeonggi Education fosters competencies
    Customized student education to develop students’ competencies
    Gyeonggi Education grows with the school community
    The school community growing together through autonomy and balance
    Gyeonggi Education cares for everyone’s well-being
    Education caring for the health and safety of all
    Gyeonggi Education provides support through school-centered administration
    Education administration supporting for future education